Your health center at Oerlikon train station.

While being guided step by step with our
specialists, you can define your goals. 

You, as a person, are important to us. 

About Us

The vision of an interdisciplinary health centre came to Edna Schur like lightning when she visited the building in December 2014 when she entered the present health centre GesundWohl RundUm.

Originally, Edna Schur-Rubinstein was looking for a new practice with a group room for workshops.

After a thorough renovation, an oasis of peace, development and health visualised by Edna Schur was created right next to Oerlikon railway station.

Typically, our clients are people between the ages of 30-60 who are looking for relaxation and rest – a moment to free themselves from everyday life, to unfold and develop and to feel healthy and comfortable in their skin.

Our specialists work hand in hand with each other and can offer you the right treatment package for every topic or complaint.

Let us advise you, which is the right package for you or we arrange the therapies individually and personally for you.

Whoever starts a therapy with us will then come out as a new person, refuelled and alive again.

Edna’s endeavour is always to see the individual with his history and health, body, mind and soul in the centre, to perceive them as a unity and to develop development and health together.

Our Team


Edna Schur-Rubinstein

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CEO | Visionary |Organiser

Mentor | Functional Medicine |Traditional Chinese Medicine |Author: “MTHFR & Friends” | Speaker | Academy for Open Minded Medicine & Development

I speak: En, De, Hebrew, Spanish  |  [email protected]
Zoom & Skype: Practice Edna Schur

My passion is to help people between the ages of 30 and 50 on their way to replace their chronic diseases with passion and quality of life. They have been in a health, personal and professional dilemma for years and don’t know how to break out of it.

As the world’s leading expert in holistic treatment for epigenetics, I support you in transforming yourself into a HEALTHY and Happy SELF.  


Karen Fletcher

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Dipl. Klassische Homöopathin 

I speak: En, De,

I support infants, children and adults who have acute and chronic diseases that originate in the individual. In my treatments we follow together the development of a suffering back to its source. Long-term healing is possible instead of treating symptoms.


Jenne Ragazzo

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IK Kinesiologist | Dipl. Hypnotherapist | Inspiration-Coaching Workshops

I support and mentor women who are going through a wide range of challenges in midlife.  Midlife doesn’t need to be a crisis!  It’s an opportunity for personal growth.

It’s my mission to support and guide you through your challenges to enable you to move forward with purpose and in practical ways. I inspire and empower women to unleash their inner rebel and discover a new outlook on life


Caroline Aemisegger

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Dipl. Naturheilpraktikerin TEN / Biologin MSc | Naturheilkunde & Funktionelle Medizin

I speak: De, En

Gerne unterstütze ich Menschen jeden Alters bei akuten und chronischen Beschwerden. Es liegt mir am Herzen die Gesundheit von der Basis her mit möglichst natürlichen Methoden zu fördern. Dazu kombiniere ich bewährte Methoden der Naturheilkunde mit modernen Laboranalysen sowie dem wissenschaftlich fundierten Konzept der funktionellen Medizin. Spezialgebiete: ganzheitliche Frauenheilkunde,Darmgesundheit, Stressmedizin.


Paola Nakahara

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Dipl. TCM Heilpraktikerin

I speak: En, De,

Ich begleite gern Frauen, welche mit ihrem Zyklus nicht im Gleichgewicht sind. Schmerzen vor oder während der Menstruation, starke oder unregelmässigen Blutungen, Kinderwunsch oder die Begleitung von Schwangeren ist mir ein grosses Anliegen.

Spezialisiert auf die Behandlung von Schmerzzuständen, kann ich Ihnen ausserdem mit einem breiten Repertoire an Möglichkeiten wieder zu einem leichteren Alltag verhelfen.


Maria Da Silva

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I speak: En, De, Port.

What fascinates me as a therapist is the range of possibilities to work with different therapies on the physical level of the body. In doing so, I support people in their different physical processes, be it muscular tension, acute or cronic discomfort, as well as tissue deposits, adiposity, cellulite and / or tissue fluid deposits.

[email protected]


Cristina Dias

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Registered Nutritional Therapist DipION, BANT, CNHC | Functional Medicine, AFMCP

I speak: En, Port.

My mission is to inspire, educate and help 35+ busy people to discover a sustainable path to optimum nutrition and wellbeing. I offer different levels of support according to people’s needs, that will enable them to apply easy and time efficient changes that fit into their busy life.


Joel Schur

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Dipl. Hypnotherapist | Coaching Workshops

I speak: En

I support IT and Tech professionals who struggle with their stressful working environment and suffer from anxiety and tension.
With my developed 5 Step Guide, I support them to reach their internal freedom and solid ground and empower them to choose and develop to their best SELF.


Natalie Steiger

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Dipl. TCM und Reiki Therapeutin

I speak: En, De, Sp, Fr

I support children and adults with acute and chronic skin. Instead of presenting the patient “ a latin diagnosis” I show him a walkable way to bring his health back into balance. Health is always present in all of us, and this healthy energy is used in  Traditional Chineese Medicine


Sarah Waser

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Dipl. Komplementärtherapeutin

I speak: En, De,

I support people on their way to be in harmony with themselves and their bodies in everyday life. With my years of experience in manual methods such as reflex zone therapy, lymph drainage but also Bach flower therapy and meditation as well as healing work, I support people in many situations.


Ingrid Lama

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Anerkannte Lehrerin für buddhistische Philosophie und Meditation der Drikung Kagyüd Linie des tibetischen Buddhismus

Dipl. psychologische Beraterin FSB | Dipl. Biographie- Schreibpädagogin FSB


I speak: En, De, Swedish,Tibetan

I accompany and support my clients with the principles of

Understanding  / healing / unfolding.

It is my intention to help beings to progress to deeper insights and unfold their capacities to full blossom.

To fulfill this purpose I use my experience and insights of many years of meditation and studies in Asia as well as therapy methods of Europe/USA.


Hilda Kilama

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Bsc Biomedical Sciences | Reiki Master/ Teacher | Sacred Crystal Sound Practitioner | NLP Certified

I speak: En

My passion is to support professionals who feel lost & stuck in their environments. I fascilitate transition in both their professional and personal lives, to be more aligned with their values, purpose, capabilities and strengths. I use tools to re-balance energy and reprogramme limiting beliefs. My clients access their inner wisdom, reconnect to who they truly are, gain clarity and the transformation to move powerfully forward.

Contact Details:

Skype: hilda_k1