Your health center at Oerlikon train station.

While being guided step by step with our
specialists, you can define your goals. 

You, as a person, are important to us. 

About Us

The vision of an interdisciplinary health centre came to Edna Schur like lightning when she visited the building in December 2014 when she entered the present health centre GesundWohl RundUm.

Originally, Edna Schur-Rubinstein was looking for a new practice with a group room for workshops.

After a thorough renovation, an oasis of peace, development and health visualised by Edna Schur was created right next to Oerlikon railway station.

Typically, our clients are people between the ages of 30-60 who are looking for relaxation and rest – a moment to free themselves from everyday life, to unfold and develop and to feel healthy and comfortable in their skin.

Our specialists work hand in hand with each other and can offer you the right treatment package for every topic or complaint.

Let us advise you, which is the right package for you or we arrange the therapies individually and personally for you.

Whoever starts a therapy with us will then come out as a new person, refuelled and alive again.

Edna’s endeavour is always to see the individual with his history and health, body, mind and soul in the centre, to perceive them as a unity and to develop development and health together.

Our Team


Edna Schur-Rubinstein

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CEO | Visionary |Organiser

Mentor | Functional Medicine |Traditional Chinese Medicine |Author: “MTHFR & Friends” | Speaker | Academy for Open Minded Medicine & Development

I speak: En, De, Hebrew, Spanish  |  [email protected]
Zoom & Skype: Practice Edna Schur

My passion is to help people between the ages of 30 and 50 on their way to replace their chronic diseases with passion and quality of life. They have been in a health, personal and professional dilemma for years and don’t know how to break out of it.

As the world’s leading expert in holistic treatment for epigenetics, I support you in transforming yourself into a HEALTHY and Happy SELF.  


Maria Da Silva

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I speak: En, De, Port.

What fascinates me as a therapist is the range of possibilities to work with different therapies on the physical level of the body. In doing so, I support people in their different physical processes, be it muscular tension, acute or cronic discomfort, as well as tissue deposits, adiposity, cellulite and / or tissue fluid deposits.

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